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Featuring local athletes who are doing awesome things in sport and life.

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If a picture is worth a thousand words Big Sports has them. We capture athletes in some of the most amazing moments that are frozen in time.


Bell 200x200 web picture

Loves to talk, eat and listen to Prince music. 

Favorite Food – Pasta

Favorite Team: Detroit Pistons


Jay Bell

Wears many hats and all about family first

  Favorite food – Chicken Wing

Favorite Team: Washington Redskins

Drell Smith

Teacher, comedian and baseball umpire 

Favorite Food – Chicken Wings

Favorite Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Andre Stewart

Graphic design artist and sports memorabilia collector

 Favorite Food –  Sub’s

Favorite Team: Baltimore Orioles

Ryan Burnette

With Big Sports Network, you will find local and regional coverage of eastern NC and southside Va. sports featuring high school, college, and semi-professional teams and more

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Big Sports Network offers a fun way to watch your local sport teams on your computer and mobile devices. Big Sports Live | Local | Sports

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Promote locally-based sports for the next generation.

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  • Deploy your marketing efforts at the local community level
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