About Us

If It’s High School Sports, You Will See It, Read It, and Hear About It, On The Big Sports Network!

Big Sports Network offers a fun way to watch your local sport teams on your computer and mobile devices. BSN is a multimedia sports brand based in Roanoke Rapids NC that is dedicated to providing original high school sports content across multiple media platforms. Through our media network, BSN provides in-depth coverage and real-time content, in eastern NC and southside Va communities. Our team of independent publishers, reporters,and writers work together to create a hyperactive sphere of high school sports coverage.

As an organization, Big Sports Network is committed to capturing the high school sports experience in its purest form. Big Sports Network celebrates student-athlete accomplishments while providing useful and essential information to parents, coaches, athletes, families, students, fans and the supporting community. 

Big Sports Network (BSN) is a platform for brands to build community relationships with exclusive native marketing programs. BSN is a trusted high school sports media network in eastern NC and southside Va. local  communities. 

BSN is a part of the conversation, which makes our advertisers part of the conversation. With BSN you get access to a target audience though sponsorships, event marketing, surveys, seminars, and sporting events. Brands and local business have an unparalleled opportunity to illustrate their expertise to our unique and passionate demographic of high school sports enthusiasts.

Don’t look at high school sports as a commodity. Look at it as a revenue generator. We have the tools and the guidance to help you make the bucks!

Our mission is to open the doors to the world for our youth to shine through athletics, and providing them opportunities to succeed.